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Menu Week 2


Menu Week 2

Bean soup with bread and salad

Fried Rice with smoothies

Ham sandwich with fruit and veggies

Mini Pizzas with ice cream for dessert

Baked Beans with bread and fruit

Macaroni pie with salad and bread pudding dessert

For Desserts: Bread Pudding


Menu Week One


Menu Week One

Homemade buffalo chicken sandwich and salad

Amazing burger and salad

The best chili (cocoa and parsnip)

Chipotle chicken sandwich and salad

Easy crepes

This is a good week to have a tomato soup along with the sandwiches.

Fill in with leftovers and/or a meal of eggs and pancakes.

Don’t forget date night this week! ¬†Eat out or take in or buy that frozen pizza!

Dessert Idea: Slow Cooker Rice Pudding!